Custom and High Quality Pergolas!

Enjoy every moment of relaxation in the Garden, the veranda or the terrace under the pergola, with the comfort and the protection you need.

Woodworks undertakes the construction of pergolas based up on your requirements using the highest quality of materials that last forever. We are able to recommend solutions that will blend with the aesthetics of your home and will be functional.

Provide shade to the garage and terraces, form a shaded walkway or a sitting area with high aesthetic, quality and functional pergola.Modern and classic pergolas that enhance your everyday life as you enjoy every moment of relaxation.

Add a feature to your garden or the courtyard!

Other products of our company include:

Wooden Kitchens, Doors, Wooden wardrobes, Tables, Small Furniture, Wood Lining, Flooring, Wooden Decorations, Deck, Partitions, Fences, Entrance Doors, B2B, Laser Cutter.