Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring! We are the experts! Find the flooring that suits you through the most original designs and colours.

There are three basic categories of wooden flooring:

Solid wooden boards in different sizes, from different wood species in various qualities and shades. This type of wooden flooring is placed nailed or glued. It is the most beautiful timeless choice.

Laminate Semi-solid composite boards invested by a real wood sheet. They come polished and ready for installation. This type of flooring is placed nailed, glued or floating.

Synthetic laminate floors that imitate the appearance of wood. This type of wood flooring consists of different materials and layers and as a final layer giving the look of wood.

Select the right type of wooden floor for your home!

Other products of our company include:

Wooden Kitchens, Doors, Wooden wardrobes, Tables, Small Furniture, Wood Lining, Wood Flooring, Wooden Decorations, Pergolas, Deck, Partitions, Fences, Entrance Doors, B2B, Laser Cutter.