Wooden Lining

Wood as an element can be combined harmoniously with all other materials offering a high aesthetic value!
We create internal linings such us wallcoverings, for every space giving you the chance to select the quality and color that suits you!

Wooden lining helps you to hide any wirings, increases the thermal comfort of space and at the same time give a more rustic look. Preventing the entry of dust and moisture and enhance your roof insulation using internal wood lining on the walls and the roof.

Dress your space with the warm presence of wood. Choose between different types of natural or artificial veneer wood lining, giving the rooms of your house the color and style that suits you.

Other products of our company include:
Wooden Kitchens, Doors, Wooden wardrobes, Tables, Small Furniture, Wooden Lining, Flooring, Wooden Decorations, Pergolas, Deck, Partitions, Fences, Entrance Doors, B2B, Laser Cutter.